UI claimants that have questions regarding their claim please call UIA at 866-500-0017.
The Oakland County Michigan Works Oak Park center is open. We also restarted our in person workshops. Please scroll down to the "Calendar" button in the center column.
Please call for information at 248-691-8437.

Workshop List


  • RESUME WORKSHOP (Thursdays 10:00-12:30 & Fridays 9:30-12:00, Room 108)
    · Choosing a resume format that best highlights your unique career history
    · Creating a descriptive “picture” of your work experience
    · Writing a resume that can be read and understood quickly
    · Knowing what should and should not be on a resume
    · Writing an effective cover letter
  • INTERVIEW WORKSHOP (Every other Monday 10:00-12:30, Room 108)
    · Methods for finding job openings and creating a job search plan
    · Job application dos and don’ts
    · What to expect in your next interview and how to prepare for it
    · Getting ready to ask great questions and give effective answers
    · Following-up after the interview and writing thank you notes
    · Salary negotiations
  • BASICS WITH BRENDA – DROP IN (Tuesdays 9-11, Room 110)
    · Microsoft Word basics
    · Create, edit & save documents
    · Copy / Paste
    · Inserting charts & symbols
    · Formatting styles
  • JOB CLUB – DROP IN (Fridays 10-12, Room 110)
    · Job search strategies
    · New ways to look for jobs
    · Help tweaking your resume for targeting jobs
    · Websites that you might not know about
    · Research wages for different jobs
  • LinkedIn – By Appointment
    CREATE A PROFILE to help employers find you, network & connect, find jobs!
    Call Laura at (248) 691-8437 x 2974
    · 96% of employers look for candidates using LinkedIn
    · Create a beefed up Linkedin profile that gets noticed
    · Smile! – Get your photo taken for your profile picture
  • Interview Practice Run with Rod – By Appointment
    Call Rod at (248) 691-8437 x 2994
    · Interviews make everyone nervous: Get over the jitters with practice and preparation
    · One-on-one practice – Do a “mock” interview
    · Are you interviewing ready? Get some key pointers!