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The Oakland County Michigan Works Oak Park center is open. We also restarted our in person workshops. Please scroll down to the "Calendar" button in the center column.
Please call for information at 248-691-8437.

Business Services Home


Serving businesses with workforce solutions is a top priority at Oakland County Michigan Works! Oak Park.

Let our Business Solutions Professionals, work for you!

Sherry Kless, Patricia Edmonds, and Laura Robb are certified in Business Solutions through Michigan State University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations and provide employers with workforce services and tailored resources.

Our success in meeting the needs of the businesses we serve is in collaboration with economic developers at Oakland County Economic Development and Community Affairs and Michigan Economic Development Corporation.


Recruiting and Outreach

  • Create job postings to attract and recruit the most qualified candidates
  • Effectively navigate the State of Michigan’s Talent Connect website:
  • Blast your postings to a large regional network
  • Host job fairs, group application sessions and interviews
  • Screen resumes and refer candidates

Services and Resources

  • Out placement services
  • On The Job Training
  • Labor market information
  • Social media for business and recruitment
  • Hiring Veterans
  • Training funds and grant opportunities
  • Tax credits for new hires
  • Fidelity Bonding
  • Resources

 Contact our Business Services Representatives:

Sherry Kless: (248) 691-8437 x 2970               sherry.kless@michiganworksoakpark.org

Patricia Edmonds: (248) 691-8437 x 2978     patricia.edmond@michiganworksoakpark.org

Laura Robb: (248) 691-8437 x 2974                 laura.robb@michiganworksoakpark.org